Indoor air pollution risk assessment

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Indoor air pollution risk assessment


To meet the current diversified health needs in houses, workplaces, especially in nonindustrial workplaces in developing countries, an indoor air quality (IAQ) component of a participatory occupational safety and health survey should be included.


The purpose of this work was to evaluate and suggest a multidisciplinary, integrated IAQ checklist for evaluating the health risk of building occupants. This IAQ checklist proposed to allow the householders to understand their indoor air situation, as well as to support employers, workers, and assessors in understanding a wide range of important elements in the indoor air environment to promote awareness in nonindustrial workplaces.


The general structure of and specific items in the IAQ checklist were discussed in a focus group meeting with IAQ assessors based upon the result of a literature review, previous industrial code of practice, and previous interviews with company employers and workers.


For practicality and validity, several sessions were held to elicit the opinions of IQA specialist, different areas' house members, company members, and, as a result, modifications were made. The newly developed IAQ checklist was finally formulated, consisting of seven core areas, nine technical areas, and 71 essential items. Each item was linked to a suitable section in the Industry Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality published by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health and EPA IQA Guidelines for Multifamily Building Upgrades EPA 402/K-16-/01